Technical Translation Services

Translation of documents, websites, apps and software

I specialise in English to Spanish translations. In certain fields of specialisation, I also offer translations from German and French into Spanish.

Independent evaluation of your current Spanish translations

Although you may not speak Spanish, my comments and notes will allow you to gain insight into the quality of your texts. I’ll let you know whether the text is grammatically and orthographically sound and, just as importantly, whether industry-appropriate terminology has been used. I’ll also ensure that the text is in the register you wanted.

Creation of style guides for translations

I help you define the key points for maintaining consistency across all your translated texts. How do you want to address your reader – informally or formally? If there are two grammatically correct options – which should be chosen for all your translations? A brief guide will markedly improve the consistency and appearance of your texts.

Preparation of terminology glossaries

A tailored terminology glossary will ensure consistency and clarity across your translations. Products, parts and taglines will always be translated in the same way.

Advice on the translation process

I offer advice on the potential difficulties that may arise during the translation process, whether the translation is being undertaken by an agency or a freelance translator, and I provide simple solutions to resolve them.

Liaison interpreting

I can accompany you to trade fairs, meetings and audits within the Barcelona (Spain) region.

The following are examples of documents I work with:

  • User and maintenance manuals
  • Production and quality procedures
  • Data sheets and specifications
  • Mobile applications
  • Annual reports
  • Technical and scientific journal articles
  • Press releases
  • Web pages, brochures and catalogues
  • Software user interfaces
  • Distribution contracts

Costs and Delivery

My translation fees depend on the time required, which in turn depends on the level of technical difficulty, the format and whether a second round of revision is needed. If you’d like to receive a definitive proposal, send me your document and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Your documents will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

There are two service levels: specialised translation or specialised translation + revision. In general, it’s recommended that marketing texts intended for publication have a second round of revision to pick up any typos, or simply to have another set of eyes review the final text. Having said that, for many other document types, a specialised translation without revision is sufficient.

Get in touch

All other services are billed by the hour. Just call or send me an email to discuss your project, explaining what you need, and I’ll give you an approximation of hours required.