I am Diana Llorente, a Technical and Scientific Translator.


My profession allows me to combine my love for languages and my interest in technology.

I followed a very unusual path to get here, one that has enabled me to provide the best translations for your texts.

I am a physicist, having worked for almost twenty years in tech firms in England and Spain. This experience means I understand your texts and your sector, am able to use the right vocabulary and am aware of other aspects underlying your texts, such as regulations and the market. This graph shows how my experience will guarantee you better translations.

From physicist and engineer to technical translator

I spent half of my career working in physics and engineering, in the laboratories of Agfa and Hewlett-Packard and as a production and quality engineer for Agilent, Monocrom and Diagnostic Grifols, among others.

Languages have also always been a passion of mine, and I always found the idea of working as a translator very appealing. Therefore, in 2008, I achieved the prestigious Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists, with a technical and scientific specialism.

My customers

I work directly with specialised translation agencies, technical documentation companies and SMEs.

All of my customers are regulars and I have been working with most of them for several years. It takes dedication to really get to know your products and services, so I work with a small pool of customers and only take on projects in line with my specialisations.

These customers are based all over the world – mainly in the US and various European countries.

My translation specialisms

I translate texts for the very same sectors in which I worked. I trained as a physicist and throughout my (lengthy) career, I worked for many years in manufacturing, optics, telecoms and quality assurance.

Companies that use my translations

Cisco (telecommunications), Applus+ (testing), EPRI (nuclear and thermal energy), NASA (telescopes), Website Tool Tester (blogs about web design platforms), Kalina Engineering (chemical reactors), Univision (visual inspections), Contexa (dosing), Fives Cincinnatti (manufacturing), Levenhuk (optical instruments), etc.

How I refresh my knowledge of the sector

I have many years of experience, but I still like to keep on top of sector developments. Although translation is an excellent way to keep learning, continually making you read technical texts from various companies, every year I attend at least a couple of trade shows to find out about the most recent innovations.

I also still occasionally work in technical positions for specific projects.

Now a question for you! How can I help?

If you have a document that needs translating or any doubts about the translation process, please send an email to diana.llorente@expertsinbabel.com. I always keep an eye on my inbox and will reply within a few hours.

Professional memberships:

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, UK
  • Member of APTIC, Spain
  • DipTransIoLET (Diploma in Technical and Scientific Translation), IoL
  • MSc in Applied Optics, University of Salford
  • Honours degree in Physics, University of Zaragoza