Technical Writing Services

Report writing (technical, progress and KPI, data analysis)

Drafting of manufacturing and quality control procedures

Preparation of instructions and summaries using documents, manuals, etc.

Example projects:

  • Creation of an instrument manual based on company visits, relevant explanations and photos.
  • Drafting of a technical report using a preliminary report or data as a basis.
  • Preparation of a monthly report for tracking indicators, complete with charts and conclusions, using departmental data and communication with relevant employees where necessary for clarification.
  • Conversion of a complex operating manual to a brief guide for operators (in English or Spanish.)
  • Creating or improving manufacturing procedures for companies.


I charge by the hour for these types of services. Get in touch and I’ll be able to provide an estimate of hours and a comprehensive proposal. For recurring projects (for example, creating a departmental report for tracking indicators each month), a monthly fee can be negotiated.

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