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Do you want to ensure that the Spanish version of your website is well-written, clear and projects a good image? I can carry out an evaluation which provides you with specific examples and recommendations. The following is a summary of this service, if you need any more information, please get in contact.

PURPOSE: To conduct an independent evaluation of the quality of the translation of your company’s website, so that you:

  • know what impression your website gives to your audience;
  • can ask, where necessary, that your current translator or agency improve the quality of the translated texts;
  • have a document that you can take to other internal business departments supporting the need to change your translation services provider, if necessary;
  • have a document that you can take to other internal business departments setting out the advantages of staying with your current provider, if the analysis supports this.

HOW I WORK: I select a representative sample from the website and analyse:

  • whether the spelling and grammar are correct;
  • whether the terminology used is appropriate; and
  • whether the text is natural and clear.

Based on this analysis, the website is categorised using the following options:

  1. Serious spelling and grammar problems. These websites project a poor impression and should be improved.
  2. Hard to understand, or contains typos. Whilst an improvement, these websites still project a poor impression and should be improved further.
  • The spelling and grammar are generally correct, but the text sounds unnatural or uses a vocabulary which is not appropriate for the sector. Some companies may consider it acceptable to keep the website as it is, should they feel there are no significant repercussions for their image or sales, or if their marketing budget is limited. However, the website should be improved if your business deals with high-end products or services.
  1. The spelling and grammar are correct, the text sounds natural and the language is adapted to the sector. If your website falls into this category, make sure to keep hold of your translator — he/she is working to improve your sales.

WHAT THIS SERVICE IS NOT: It is not a complete review of the entire text. I aim to select a representative and visible sample of the website. However, whilst the quality of the sample text may be good, that of other areas of the website may be totally different (unlikely, but possible) or contain typos. The aim is to assess the general quality of the text.

WHAT ELSE THIS SERVICE IS NOT: It is not a modification of your website. If you wish to improve your website, you should discuss this with your current translator or hire a new one. That said, with my specific examples at your disposal you will be able to illustrate the specific improvements needed.

COST: €320 + VAT (where applicable)

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: A 2-3 page document containing: i) examples of errors found in the sample; ii) a classification of your website based on the four categories listed above; and iii) a summary qualitative evaluation.

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